Cinderella Gender Swap

Inspired by my recent foray into the depths of my blog’s search terms, here’s a Cinderella-themed gender swap!

Prince with glass slipper copy

[Sorry for his facial expression.  You really don’t get to see the prince with any sort of personality, even in his expressions.]

The story starts out the same, with Cinderella (let’s call him Cinderedmund for fun) having a wicked stepmother (or stepfather, because it really doesn’t matter) and two wicked stepbrothers (these actually do matter, since they’re going to be trying to win the favor of Princess Charming at the ball, and for the sake of it being a Disney movie…).  Anyway, Cinderedmund is hardworking and eager to please his stepmother, who is passive-aggressive and a bit verbally abusive.  He’s got some mice friends and he dreams of a better life–through song! His animal friends help him make a fancy formal suit for the ball the king/queen (once again, you could gender swap him if you wanted to) is giving in honor of his/her daughter, Princess Charming.

Cinderella ball gown copy

The sole purpose of this ball is for Princess Charming to find a husband.  [[This is where the gender swap really emphasizes some of the really wrong parts of this story.  Disney, when adapting this story, didn’t even bother to give Prince Charming a name.  More than that, he’s totally a one-dimensional character.  His sole purpose is to find a bride, and he picks a girl totally just based on looks, despite the fact that we know Cinderella’s actually got a really good personality, is well-developed as a character and can take continual abuse with good humor and is intelligent, hardworking and kind.  Prince Charming, on the other hand, barely says anything at all, spends the entire ball being bored until he sees Cinderella.  They dance together, apparently fall in love with barely a conversation between them.]]

From the other perspective, the crime of poor character development is even more egregious: Princess Charming barely says anything at all during the ball, then at a single sight of Cinderedmund in his shiny, fairy-godmother-made suit that would make Liberace jealous, she falls instantly in love, purely on looks.  Just like every other Disney princess movie.

Anyway, midnight comes and Cinderedmund has to run or risk being exposed, Princess Charming runs after him, but only finds his crystal loafer that he left behind on the stairs.  Cinderedmund goes back to his peasant life, gets locked in the attic by his wicked stepmother just as the Grand Duke comes with the glass loafer to test it out on every eligible man in the kingdom.  (In this case, Cinderedmund probably has either tiny, pixie feet or huge, gorilla feet for it not to fit anyone).

There’s another problem with this.  Granted, it makes sense that the Princess (or the Prince) wouldn’t waste her time going door to door with the shoe to find her true love, but don’t you think it would help with the identification? But no, the princess is completely passive, not even bothering to go hunting for the man she loves.  [[As is true with Prince Charming.  He just has his minions go find her.  I mean, Prince Phillip freakin’ kills a dragon to get to Aurora, but Prince Charming just sits in his Lazy Boy while his true love is locked in an attic by her wicked stepmother.  Whatever.]]

So anyway, the glass loafer shatters but–yay!–Cinderedmund has the other one, which fits perfectly! Then (I assume), Cinderedmund gets hauled off to the castle to be reunited with his princess, and they get happily ever after! (One can only guess, because they haven’t really talked to each other yet…)

Bonus: Before and after pictures!

Prince with glass slipper before and after

Cinderella ball gown side by side

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