Umbridge for Minister (But not really, though)

With all the 2016 campaign madness here in the States, I thought it might be fun to do some tinkering with the famous Obama “Hope” poster by Shepard Fairey. Here’s what I came up with, using an Obama poster generator:

Umbridge order 2 Umbridge Order

Originally I had planned for it to say “Obey” but that’s not really what Umbridge is all about, is it? If she had a campaign slogan, it would be “Umbridge for Minster: I will have order.” Obeying brings about order, but she’d rather the kids just do what they’re supposed to, and if not, then do what they’re told.

Here’s my other version (pinkified, naturally):

Umbridge order 5 Umbridge Order 3


Gryffindor Notice Board

Gryffindor Notice Board

(Click image for full-size)

This is an old one, pulled from the depths of a hard drive three computers ago.  I made this in the lull between Harry Potter movies or books waiting to be released (I think it was before Order of the Phoenix came out in the theaters, because I’m pretty sure that is a terrible publicity shot I used for the Quibbler cover).  I dusted it off and tweaked it a bit using what I know about Photoshop now compared to when I made it.   There’s still some things I don’t like about it that I’d have to start over in order to fix (the textures are a little over-the-top, for one).

In any case, I came up with this idea because I realized that Order of the Phoenix has a ton of written material like Daily Prophet articles, Educational Decrees, etc.  When I started to assemble literally everything that was posted on the Gryffindor notice board (in Order of the Phoenix only), I realized that it actually makes a very accurate summary of the fifth book.  The items are posted in layers in order of when they occurred.  For example, the Educational Decrees start piling up until the one about the Quibbler being banned, then the students hang up the Quibbler on the notice board, and then the last one about Umbridge becoming headmaster is on top of that.  All modesty aside, I’m pretty proud that at least my bulletin board is true to the book, if not to reality in art.

And can I just say that Harry’s hair is just horrendously short in Order of the Phoenix? Blech.  (Sorry, Dan.)

The Many Deaths of Neville Longbottom – Episode 6

Death Eaters

Another installment of Neville’s misadventures as the Chosen One!

All of my Neville comics are based on the idea that only one major event in the Potterverse has changed, (i.e. that Voldemort chose Neville as the Chosen One).  You can understand that there are difficulties in such an all-expansive premise.  One single event can have countless repercussions in the wizarding world.  This comic in particular poses several particular problems.  If Neville, like Harry, had somehow avoided death as a baby (perhaps the Order of the Phoenix was more successful at defeating Voldemort than in the original plotline, or Voldemort’s plans changed, or the Longbottoms’ Fidelius Charm wasn’t betrayed like the Potters, or whatever excuse you want to come up with), and he managed to survive to his fifth year, there is no way to tell whether or not Neville would have still ended up in Dumbledore’s Army.  There might not even be a Dumbledore’s Army.  Events that led Umbridge to take over as DADA teacher might not have happened, Fudge might have appointed someone else, etc.  But, assuming Umbridge did take over, it stands to reason that Harry Potter would still have gathered students together to try to defend themselves against Voldemort.  Unfortunately, that assumption includes belief that Harry Potter in the new Neville-centered universe was anything like the old Potter.  Harry’s parents were wealthy, and we know from canon that James Potter was a bit of a prat in school, so it stands that Harry might have been a Quidditch jock and a bit of a prat, and might not have cared so much about defeating Voldemort and avenging the loss of his now-alive parents.

So, what does this mean for Neville? How does he end up at the Ministry of Magic? Voldemort would still need the prophecy, if only to find out how to kill Neville.  Only Neville and Voldemort can touch it, so Voldy’s got to lure him somehow.  He’d probably just manipulate Neville’s thoughts as he did with Harry.  I like the thought of Neville bringing Luna with him.  She’s the kind of person who gravitates toward the outcast, the helpless, the lost.  Besides, both she and Neville can see Thestrals, so just a quick flight and they’re off to the Ministry and their inevitable death at the hands of Death Eaters.  I like to think, however, that the Order of the Phoenix still shows up.  Harry had connections to the Order (Sirius, the Weasleys), so why not Neville, even if Voldemort kills off his parents as he did to Harry’s in the original storyline? Maybe Mad-Eye Moody was really good friends with the Longbottoms and took him in, or Kingsley Shacklebolt, or Daedalus Diggle?

In any case, this is the last of the Neville comics, at least for a long time.  I made these all a long time ago, and there aren’t any more.  If I do manage to find time for some Photoshop fun, I’ll try to post in the future.  But for now, I’ll have to give you something else from my Archives of Stuff I Made When I Was Bored.

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