Totally Awesome Things I Didn’t Make – Star Wars Edition

Here’s another edition of Totally Awesome Things I Didn’t Make.  This time: Star Wars! Please note that I didn’t make any of this stuff.  I’ve tried to do as much back-checking as possible to credit the original artists, so apologies if I didn’t credit your work.

(Also, sorry about not posting anything last week.  I’m in two weddings this summer, the first of which is in less than a week and I’m going a little crazy trying to get prepped for it! But I wanted to give you something because next week I might not be able to post anything either!)


This is the politician you’re looking for:

Credit: Whitegoldteeth on Reddit


Star Wars Puns:
Here’s just a few.  Get more at the link below!


More Star Wars puns:

Maul sale: Credit unknown.  Reposted from Bacon Wrapped Media
Bounty Hunter: Credit Jason Heller on Imgur
Rebel Bass: Credit unknown.  Reposted from GeeksHumor
Elevader: Credit unknown.  Reposted from Cheeseburger


Pirates of the Kessel Run: Curse of the Millenium Pearl:

Credit: Shorelle on Deviantart


Star Wars Easter:
The chocolates themselves are a bit commercialized for no reason, but the pun is fantastic.

Credit:  Darthob on reddit


Sith Army Knife:
Always be prepared to take your revenge against the Jedi.

Credit: Unknown.  Reposted from Motifake


Gourd Wars:

Credit: Unknown.  Reposted from George Takei’s facebook page.


Other awesome Star Wars links you should totally check out because I can’t repost directly:

Fight between a Jedi and Harry Potter (totally epic!):



Here are some frequently asked questions I’ve received on my blog:

Q: Who are you? What do you want? Do you have anything worth living for?
A: (Babylon 5 reference.  Couldn’t help myself.)

Q: So what happens now? Where am I going to?
A: Don’t ask anymore.  (Evita quote.  Little more obscure.)

Q: What is your quest?
A: I seek the Grail. (Monty Python reference.  You may be starting to sense a theme)

Q: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
A: I don’t know that.  (You may be starting to sense a theme.)

Q: Why aren’t any of these FAQ real?
A: Because this is the first post of my blog.  No one on the internet has asked me anything yet.  I have nothing but several decades worth of movie quotes in my head.