Minimalist Star Trek: The Next Generation

Next Generation Minimalist copy

So this is the second in my series of minimalist characters, and I think it is freakin’ fantastic. It’s amazing how iconic each of the characters are without any facial features except for some facial hair and some forehead ridges. (Actually, Worf would still be really recognizable even without the ridges because of his sash). Besides the aforementioned features, you’ve got Wesley’s ugly-ass sweater, Troi’s weird unitard, Picard’s lack of hair, Data’s skin, Crusher’s coat, Geordi’s VISOR and Guinan’s big-ass hat. (I’m really proud of Guinan’s hat. I didn’t expect it to turn out so well without being able to put in more detail).

Also, as a general note, they’re in relative order of rank starting from the inside out. Troi is the exception, of course, because she’s like a lieutenant commander (and then commander?!?!?) or some such nonsense when she’s just a counselor. What? So she outranks Data for no reason but that she took a bridge officer’s test? Dumb. I mean, Geordi runs all of Engineering (and is fantastic at it, by the way) and he’s only a lieutenant commander on the show (and that was after he was already in charge of Engineering).

Some art notes: So I chose Troi’s purple outfit because I think it’s her most iconic. She has a green dress she wore a lot in the later seasons, but…ew. And after she takes the bridge officer’s test, she actually wears her uniform, which isn’t iconic at all. All of her other outfits are not seen as often and are less recognizable. The same debate went on in my head for Wesley. He wore the striped sweater for much of the show, but when he was an acting ensign, he wore a gray pseudo-Starfleet uniform which is pretty iconic, but not as recognizable as the ugly-ass striped sweater. He was also in his cadet’s uniform or a full-on Starfleet uniform for episodes here and there, but I think he would have just looked like season 1 Riker when minimalist (yes, I know the cadet uniforms have reversed colors from the regular uniforms).

Anyway, I hope this isn’t the last of the minimalist stuff.


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Obligatory Copyright Notice: Star Trek: The Next Generation and its characters are copyright Paramount. This is a work of fan art. No copyright infringement is intended.


Totally Awesome Things I Didn’t Make – Star Trek Edition, Part 2

ACK! Another week’s gone by and my new content isn’t finished! (I’ve got the art done but the accompanying story isn’t!) So instead, here’s some more Totally Awesome Things I Didn’t Make.  Another Star Trek edition!

Various Star Trek Memes:

Credit: Various sources (cited in and agregated from Diply)

Riker Googling:
I don’t use Twitter, but this account might actually be the thing that makes me finally cave in.

Credit: Riker Googling (@RikerGoogling on Twitter)

Away Mission:

Credit: Foxtrot by Bill Amend

Picard with Different Facial Hair:

Credit (and more): Whoviantrekkie on Imgur (Reposted on Tastefully Offensive)

The Trouble with Peeps:
I’d like to say that the people who did this had way too much time on their hands, but then again when I was in high school, I made a diorama with clay snakes colored according to the DS9 uniforms that I entitled “Deep Snake Nine.” This was not for a project.  I seriously had too much time on my hands.

Credit: Unknown (Reposted from George Takei‘s Facebook page)

Collection of Star Trek Facepalms:

Credit: Unknown.  (Reposted from George Takei‘s Facebook page).

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Apologies if work didn’t get cited correctly.  I track it back as far as sites continue to source each other to try to find the original artist, but the nature of the internet makes this difficult.  None of the images belong to me and no copyright infringement is intended.

Totally Awesome Things I Didn’t Make – Star Trek Edition, Part 1

Some more awesome things for you to enjoy, this time: Star Trek! Note: I didn’t make or alter any of these images.  Trying my best to link to original creators.  Sorry if I didn’t credit you properly!


Red and Green Alert!

Credit: Unknown.  Linked to from George Takei‘s Facebook page.


The Trouble With Tribbles:
Two of my favorite things in the world: Star Trek and the Beatles.  Love it!

Credit: Unknown.  Linked to from George Takei‘s Facebook Page.


Star Trek Actors, Past and Present:
These are amazing, yet so simple.  Check out more of them here:

Credit: ThatNordicGuy


Oh, man, is it confusing trying to explain to someone who isn’t a Trek fan about redshirts:
“Oh, that redshirt is totally going to bite it…”
“But his shirt is gold.”
“Yeah, well, in the original series, the redshirts were the security guards who went down on the landing parties and then ended up dying.  But for Next Generation, they tried to get rid of the stigma by switching the command/operations color of gold with the security/engineering color of red so that people would stop….Why are you looking at me like that?”

Credit: Unknown.  Linked from George Takei‘s Facebook page.


Other neat stuff that has too many pictures for me to repost because I’m lazy but you should totally check them out:

Next Gen Haircuts:
Originally from reddit…somewhere.

Shatner “Acting”:
Reblogged from
Originally from trekgate