Ursula Gender Swap

It’s time for another gender swap! In a previous Little Mermaid swap, I envisioned the gender-swapped Ursula the Sea-Witch as Urkel, but we’ll call him Ulrich to keep the sort of Germic theme of the names.  (Also because the part of me that grew up watching TGIF can’t read/type Urkel without giggling).  So here he is: Ulrich the Sea-Warlock.

Ursula gender swap

(Note: In the picture I kept Ariel as she is, mostly because I’m lazy but also because there’s something far creepier about this whole deal-with-the-devil scene than in the original.  But for the sake of the story, I’m swapping all the genders, just to see what happens.)

So, Ulrich’s story isn’t much different than Ursula’s.  He wants to be king of the ocean, hates King Triton (Queen Triton?) and tricks poor Eric (because he’s the mermaid in my version) into selling his voice for some legs to woo Princess Ariel on the surface.  Eventually he gets popped by Ariel’s ship and all is well down under the sea.

What is interesting is how different the character’s behavior would be.  Rewatch the movie and you’ll see what a diva Ursula is.  In fact, it was really hard to get a screenshot of her where she wasn’t doing something that might be considered overly feminized.  She does a lot of hip thrusts, arm flails, sly smiles and the like.  She’s almost a little drag-queen-ish (no offense to drag queens.  Many of them make better women than me.)  I feel like Disney probably would have made a male version of her into a smooth talker like Jafar or a fast-talking, double-dealer like Hades.  For my purposes, I’ve made him into more of a trucker-looking character, but what kind of personality would fit that? I don’t know.

Bonus: Before and after!

Ursula gender swap - before and after

I just want to make some notes on the changes I’ve made.  I’ve changed nothing about Ursula’s original weight.  Nada.  In fact, I actually took off a few of his lower poundage so that I could give the illusion of muffin-topping.  I guess black really is slimming.  Nonetheless, it makes me a more than a little offended that the “evil” character has become the “fat” character.  True, it does make Ursula one of the more recognizable villains solely based on her character silhouette (big ‘ole octopus with a bit of an updo), compared to all of the super-skinny stepmothers, witches, queens, etc.  (There are a few exceptions…very few.  For a truly awesome critique on Disney character designs, read this.)

Despite this, I decided to keep the flab, going so far as to give Ulrich some moobs.  (Yes, now I have “moobs” in my search history when I looked them up for reference.) The fingers got a little wider for the man-hands, he got a five o’clock shadow, and added a bit more mullet, thicker eyebrows, removed the makeup and made him a shell wristband instead of a shell necklace.  (I had wanted to make a shell belt buckle but the combination of muffin top and the total lack of pants meant that it wasn’t feasible).

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Snow White Gender Swap

Time for another Disney gender swap! This time: Snow White and Prince Charming!  In true full-swap fashion, I’ll be switching the genders of all characters in the story, so this ought to be interesting.

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom ruled by a vain and narcissistic king who used to spend every day getting fashion advice from his magic mirror.  He was jealous of his stepson, who was growing more and more handsome with each passing day, so the king dressed the young prince Snow White in rags and made him work in the castle.  Snow White had skin white as snow and lips red as the rose.  He looks something like this:


Prince charming gender swap copy


One day when cleaning, a princess, Princess Charming, came along and saw Snow White and fell instantly in love with the handsome lad.  She sings him a love song and looks something like this:


Snow white gender swap copy

Unfortunately, the king sees this interaction and sends his huntswoman with Snow White into the forest to kill him and bring back his heart.  Fortunately, the huntswoman has mercy on Snow White and warns him to flee into the forest and away from the king.  He comes across a bunch of kindly animal friends, which he also decides to sing to, because that’s what princes do apparently.  The animals take her to a small cottage in the forest that is home to a very messy sorority full of dwarfs.  [[It’s funny when the dwarfs are men that they’re dirty slobs who don’t know how to wash their hands or pick up after themselves, but would they still be portrayed the same way if the dwarfs were women? Though there has been a recent trend in recent years to make the Disney princesses less perfect and more “real”, showing them with messy hair and snoring and things like that, I don’t think Disney would be okay with showing seven female dwarfs who are total slobs.  Even though there are a lot of girls who are messy, myself included.]]

Anyway, the young prince decides he can’t deal with the mess and starts going crazy cleaning the home of seven total strangers.  It’s the weirdest home invasion story ever reported on.  Meanwhile, the seven dwarfs, who spend their days working in a diamond mine, come home from double shifts to find a strange man in their house.  Instead of calling local law enforcement about the break-in, the women decide they have safety in numbers and approach the stranger asleep in their beds.  They decide to hire him as a live-in cook and maid.

Meanwhile, the king finds out that Snow White is still alive and turns himself into an old geezer in order to kill Snow White.  It’s not like he has a kingdom to run or anything… [[Seriously, I hope the queen has minions working on the day-to-day ruling, because she spends an awful lot of time obsessing over looks and about killing Snow White.  We don’t actually see her do anything queen-like in the movie.  Granted, you really don’t see that in most Disney movies, either, except for arranging marriages every so often.]]

After a night of partying (because that’s what a sorority girls do, right?) Snow White opens up about his princess.  He dreams that one day she’ll come and rescue him from his situation.  The next day when the dwarfs leave for work, they warn him not to let anyone into the house.  However, he decides that he knows best and lets in an old man selling apples.  The animals see this and run to fetch the dwarfs to help, but they come too late.  Snow White has eaten the apple and has fallen into an eternal sleep.

The dwarf girls chase a random old man [[Seriously, they don’t know it’s actually the queen, or that Snow White has been cursed.  They just had animals freaking out, trying to tell them to go back home, and then find an old lady standing there and chase her down.  Maybe the old lady was walking by and heard the screams as the queen was attacking Snow White, and they just chased her down like an animal.  Weird.]].  The king gets his comeuppance as he tries to commit mass murder by squashing them with a boulder as an improbable bolt of lightning cracks the rock beneath his feet and sends the king plunging to his death.

Feeling that he’s just too much of a hunk to bury, they put Snow White into a glass coffin so that everyone might ogle him.  The princess, who we haven’t seen since those first twenty seconds of the movie, returns to give her love one last kiss.  The kiss wakes him up, and Princess Charming promptly picks him up, puts him on her horse and takes him away before they even have a conversation about the fact that he is surrounded by dwarf women in a glass coffin.

The end.


Bonus: Before and after pics!

Prince charming gender swap side by side copy

Snow white gender swap side by side copy

Artist’s notes: I tried to make Snow White’s iconic outfit into a doublet and pants for the prince version.  Leaving them as-is made him look too girly.  Well, so does the doublet with puffy sleeves, but that was a legitimate style back in Shakespeare’s time.  FYI, yellow is not a good color for pants. I picked the reclining pose mostly so you can see that he’s wearing pants, but also just to emphasize just how ridiculous it is.  You might have noticed that most of my gender swaps have the girl-turned-guy in this position.  Well, it might not happen as often if Disney didn’t keep insisting on putting women in this pose.  I am a woman, and the only time I’ve ever been in this pose is when doing yoga.  It’s just not very comfortable.  We don’t do our dreaming in cobra pose.  We can do it sitting just as well.

As for Snow White as the prince, I rather like her outfit.  It’s still got the tunic in front, which I decided to keep because it looked really good with the belt and knife combination.  The sleeves are not as puffy to give the illusion that her arms aren’t as beefy as the prince’s.


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Beauty and the Beast Gender Swap

It’s time for another Disney gender swap! This time: Beauty and the Beast.  So, I’ve been planning this for a long time, but originally I had wanted to do a Beast/Belle swap, since I thought it would be interesting to see how the story changes with the Beast being a girl.  However, Photoshopping Belle into a beast? Way too much work.  So instead, here’s Belle and Gaston instead.

Belle and Gaston Gender Swap

In this version of the story, Belle is a huntress, beloved by all the town and thus has a really bloated ego.  She has her sights set on the most handsome man in town, the inventor’s son: Gaston, who looks a little something like this:

Gaston gender swap

I honestly can’t look at this picture without cracking up.  Note that his expression is in no way photoshopped.  That’s from an actual screengrab.

Anyway, Gaston dreams of leaving this poor, provincial town and finding adventure in the great, wide somewhere.  In addition to being seen by the town as an oddball with his nose constantly stuck in his books and his head up in the clouds, he is constantly being harassed by the boorish, brainless Belle.  In a very stalker-y move, she plans a wedding outside Gaston’s house and then proposes to her, winding up in the muddy pond for her troubles.  After Gaston’s father goes raving about a beast in the tavern while Belle is brooding there, Belle comes up with a plan to send his father to the asylum in order force him to marry her.

When Belle finds out that Gaston has fallen in love with a beastwoman in a forest castle, she gathers a mob and goes after her, setting her sights on killing the beast and mounting her head on her wall.  Gaston, who has been imprisoned in his own house, manages to escape and run to save the Beast just as Belle is attempting to kill her.  Belle ends up falling to her death from the castle’s turret and Gaston weeps, confessing his love to the dying beast, who changes back into a beautiful princess.

So, it’s always interesting to notice how our perceptions of a traditional Disney tale change with just the swapping of genders.  Belle as the huntress character is much more proactive, almost to a fault.  She stops at nothing to get her way.  For a man like Gaston, this is not an unusual portrayal in films, especially for villains, but showing the darker side of obsession from the female side is something that is far less common.  I do like the fact that she is badass with weapons, though, but I much less like the fact that she thinks books are dumb.  That is something that I think they really did well with Beauty & the Beast–Belle is one of the most intelligent, rational Disney heroines.  Sure, she ends up getting the guy in the end, but really she was just in it to save her father, a truly noble act.

If this were a Disney movie, I think a lot of people would think up some very unkind things to say about this version of Gaston–maybe that he’s weak, a nerd, a pansy, passive, whatever.  Maybe some people might even think he’s an idiot for not wanting to marry the most beautiful girl in town, who’s a master hunting and beloved by all to the point where they sing songs about her.  I am conflicted a bit about the message the Beast’s storyline sends.  At first, it’s a story about loving someone for who they are, no matter what they look like, but then in the end the Beast becomes beautiful so really it is all about looks after all.  Granted, that’s the same message in the original setup, but for some reason I feel like it’s a worse crime to give that message to young girls when the character it’s referring to actually is a girl.

Anyway, so there you have it! Whenever you’re having a bad day, just look at that dopey expression on Gaston’s face and you’ll feel instantly better.

Bonus: Before and after pictures!

(Click for full size)

Belle and Gaston Gender Swap - Before and After

Gaston gender swap - Before and After

Artist’s note: I kept a few muscles on Belle, just to follow with the “huntress” theme, but I slimmed her down to the size she actually is in the movie.  Her waistline isn’t half as egregiously tiny as most other Disney heroines (Sleeping Beauty and the 3D ones like Frozen and Tangled being the most criminal of these misrepresentations).  For Gaston, I did leave some of the muscles, but he’s about half the size he normally is.  I didn’t want him looking like the Hulk about to burst out of Bruce Banner’s clothes, but I wanted him to look distinct from Belle so that he wasn’t just Gaston’s head on top of her body.  Also note that Gaston is not wearing a dress; I turned the dress w/apron combo into a white shirt atop blue pants with a blue vest.  He is wearing a bow in his hair, though, but if you look at the film, he wears a bow in his wedding outfit, and a ponytail at all times.  (The bow actually is his wedding bow turned blue instead of the original yellow.)

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Cinderella Gender Swap

Inspired by my recent foray into the depths of my blog’s search terms, here’s a Cinderella-themed gender swap!

Prince with glass slipper copy

[Sorry for his facial expression.  You really don’t get to see the prince with any sort of personality, even in his expressions.]

The story starts out the same, with Cinderella (let’s call him Cinderedmund for fun) having a wicked stepmother (or stepfather, because it really doesn’t matter) and two wicked stepbrothers (these actually do matter, since they’re going to be trying to win the favor of Princess Charming at the ball, and for the sake of it being a Disney movie…).  Anyway, Cinderedmund is hardworking and eager to please his stepmother, who is passive-aggressive and a bit verbally abusive.  He’s got some mice friends and he dreams of a better life–through song! His animal friends help him make a fancy formal suit for the ball the king/queen (once again, you could gender swap him if you wanted to) is giving in honor of his/her daughter, Princess Charming.

Cinderella ball gown copy

The sole purpose of this ball is for Princess Charming to find a husband.  [[This is where the gender swap really emphasizes some of the really wrong parts of this story.  Disney, when adapting this story, didn’t even bother to give Prince Charming a name.  More than that, he’s totally a one-dimensional character.  His sole purpose is to find a bride, and he picks a girl totally just based on looks, despite the fact that we know Cinderella’s actually got a really good personality, is well-developed as a character and can take continual abuse with good humor and is intelligent, hardworking and kind.  Prince Charming, on the other hand, barely says anything at all, spends the entire ball being bored until he sees Cinderella.  They dance together, apparently fall in love with barely a conversation between them.]]

From the other perspective, the crime of poor character development is even more egregious: Princess Charming barely says anything at all during the ball, then at a single sight of Cinderedmund in his shiny, fairy-godmother-made suit that would make Liberace jealous, she falls instantly in love, purely on looks.  Just like every other Disney princess movie.

Anyway, midnight comes and Cinderedmund has to run or risk being exposed, Princess Charming runs after him, but only finds his crystal loafer that he left behind on the stairs.  Cinderedmund goes back to his peasant life, gets locked in the attic by his wicked stepmother just as the Grand Duke comes with the glass loafer to test it out on every eligible man in the kingdom.  (In this case, Cinderedmund probably has either tiny, pixie feet or huge, gorilla feet for it not to fit anyone).

There’s another problem with this.  Granted, it makes sense that the Princess (or the Prince) wouldn’t waste her time going door to door with the shoe to find her true love, but don’t you think it would help with the identification? But no, the princess is completely passive, not even bothering to go hunting for the man she loves.  [[As is true with Prince Charming.  He just has his minions go find her.  I mean, Prince Phillip freakin’ kills a dragon to get to Aurora, but Prince Charming just sits in his Lazy Boy while his true love is locked in an attic by her wicked stepmother.  Whatever.]]

So anyway, the glass loafer shatters but–yay!–Cinderedmund has the other one, which fits perfectly! Then (I assume), Cinderedmund gets hauled off to the castle to be reunited with his princess, and they get happily ever after! (One can only guess, because they haven’t really talked to each other yet…)

Bonus: Before and after pictures!

Prince with glass slipper before and after

Cinderella ball gown side by side

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Little Mermaid Gender Swap

This gender swap allows us to see the story of Eric, a merman who dreams of the surface and the wonderful things humans make.  (I can’t even type that with a straight face.)  His father King Triton sees Eric’s longing for the surface as dangerous, and his obsession with humans equally so.  Still, Eric is a dreamer and he can’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things…could be bad.

Prince Eric Gender Swap

It’s interesting to see this with a man hording human junk in his grotto.  With a sixteen-year-old girl, for some reason it seems far more normal (I dunno, like some women’s obsession with buying shoes).  It also makes lines like, “But Daddy, I love him!” truly hilarious.  He’s got of a bit of a Romeo flair–I don’t mean that in the colloquial sense…I mean it in the Shakespearian sense:  Romeo’s a bit of a whiner who goes from being desperately in love with Rosaline to being in love with Juliet on the same day (or close to it, at least). Teenagers really don’t know what love is.

Anyway, one day, Eric sees a human on board a ship and falls madly in love.  Her name is Ariel, and she’s a princess.

Ariel Gender Swap

It’s interesting with this gender swap that not a lot has changed about Ariel.  Both Eric and Ariel in non-swapped forms are adventurous and curious, and they are constantly searching for new experiences.  So the female version of Eric (i.e. Ariel) is the same.  She’s being forced to settle down by her parents and pick a husband (sounds a bit like Jasmine’s backstory, doesn’t it?) but she’d rather sail the seas.

So anyway, Eric watches Ariel and the other sailors celebrating and spends quite a bit of time simply ogling Ariel.  Note that it definitely feels more stalker-y when it’s a guy ogling a girl.  (Just wait, it gets weirder).  A storm breaks out, lightning starts fires everywhere, and the ship is wrecked.  In the process of saving her dog, Max (or Maxine, if we swap everyone’s gender), Ariel gets trapped on board as it explodes.  Eric bravely rescues her and takes her to shore.  Over her unconscious body,  (creepy!) Eric sings his undying love for Ariel then continues to watch her from a distance once she regains consciousness.  Ariel can’t contemplate getting a restraining order because she has no idea that a merman has become forever fixated on her.  No problem, though, because now she’s in love with her mystery dreamboat.

Moving on, after his dad blows up all of his neat human stuff and Eric’s having a cryfest on a rock in his grotto, two creepy eels convince him to go see the sea witch for help.  [[Note: If I gender swapped everyone, including Ursula, she’d/he’d probably still be a gross octopus, but he’d have a beer gut and a five o’clock shadow.]]  She turns him human at the cost of his voice.  Meanwhile, Ariel has been looking for the mystery man with the beautiful voice who saved her.  This is actually pretty logical.  Apparently, according to shows like Family Guy and others, a common female fantasy is to be rescued by a handsome merman (among other things).  Ariel’s smitten at this point.  She helps Eric out, thinking he’s the man of her dreams, only to find that he can’t speak.  Thus he is friendzoned immediately.

[[Side note: Using the friendzoning argument as defense because you don’t have the guts to ask a girl out is bullshit.  Girls can be friends with guys pretty easily (refer to When Harry Met Sally for the proof that the inverse is not usually true).  If you want it to be something more, we’re often oblivious and need some hints more than you just acting like a good friend.  Because, to us, someone acting like a really good friend means they’re a really good friend.  I mean, Ariel gave up the ability to talk just to be with the one she loved (however misguided the love-at-first-sight impulse might be).  Man up.]]

Moving on.  Eric is fascinated by the human world, almost gets to kiss a clueless Ariel and thus keep his human form, but then gets blocked by those two lousy eels.  Ursula (Urkel? Ulysses? I can’t think of any good U names for her/him) takes matters into her own tentacles and turns her/himself into a man and tricks Ariel with his pilfered voice to marry him.  For some reason this, to me, is even more creepy than when Eric is put in a trance.  Ariel’s going to marry, then who knows what else the sea witch.  Sure, maybe the wedding was just a stalling tactic to prevent the fateful kiss, since Ursula goes back to her usual form in time to gloat over her victory.  But seriously, she could have turned Eric into a merman and made him her gross octopus sex slave under the sea, or at least one of those gross seaweed people.

This is where it gets cool.  Ariel sets off after Eric after Urkel grabs him, saying, “I’ve lost him once, I’m not going to lose him again!” Then, Ariel faces down a hundred foot octopus with a magic trident and freakin’ skewers him with a boat.  Can I get a ‘hell yeah?’ Anyway, Triton has pity on his son as he sees him pining away for Ariel and gives him legs.  Then they get married and Ariel makes Eric her trophy prince.

Bonus: Before and after shots!

Prince Eric Gender Swap  - Side by side

Behind-the-scenes factoid: I tweaked Aladdin’s body for Eric the Merman. At first, I thought to myself, “I distinctly remember there being mermen in the movie besides Triton. I’ll just use their body and attach Eric’s head.” Nope. The mermen are all either 1) shown from the back, 2) misty in Ursula’s cauldron or 3) shown in full or partial silhouette. So, apart from having to majorly tweak King Triton from pro-wrestler size with Santa Claus beard and pepperoni slice nipples, I decided to use another character. Hercules was a no-go (that darn armor), and the thought of what a Google search of “bare chested Disney characters” would pull up terrified me, so there was only one other possible character. So there you have it. Aladdin’s body, Ariel’s tail, and Eric’s head. (Sounds like that song from Pete’s Dragon).

Ariel Gender Swap - Side by Side

Ariel’s photoshopping took quite a bit longer than Eric’s.  The background alone is four different stills, including the rope and (if you looked closely, you may have already noticed, Max).  Ariel’s head and body is a composite of five different shots, all of which are in varying states of dress.  Wow.

All characters and stills are owned by Disney.  No copyright infringement is intended.  Original frame grabs provided by disneyscreencaps.com.

Rapunzel Gender Swap

Felt like posting my other Disney gender swap test that I did with Flynn and Rapunzel from Tangled.  Not as happy with the quality on this one.  It was just a concept test, so I didn’t bother trying to find an angry Flynn face to match Rapunzel’s original one (instead of the smolder).  I decided to keep the female-ified Flynn with Rapunzel’s long hair because the swap wouldn’t have made sense otherwise.  Thus, to differentiate, I used Rapunzel’s hair from the end of the movie, which is brown like Flynn’s, so it works.  The Photoshopping was a lot harder on this one because of the CGI.  (It’s so much easier to alter things original drawn/painted on animation cells instead of the infinite detail of computer animation).


Gave the new Rapunzel a little cleavage, took away Flynn’s.  Gave Flynn a few more muscles, made Rapunzel a little less broad-shouldered… I tried to make Flynn’s facial hair more blonde but I just gave up in the end.  (This was only supposed to be a concept test, after all).  But I ended up having the same problem as I did for Aurora.  Rapunzel is tiny, not just her waist but her entire body.  Anyone who’s good with Photoshop can take one look at the bodice and see that it’s just a texture mess from all the cloning I did.  Anyway.  This is why I posted the Sleeping Beauty one first.  Hopefully more to come.

Bonus: Side-by-side comparison.

Tangled copy

Update: I know some of you are looking at this and planning some sort of gender swapped Disney bondage.  Please don’t tell me about it.  But isn’t it interesting that, with that thought in mind, the two different poses (Rapunzel or Flynn being tied up) elicits two completely different reactions? Someone write a thesis about it.  (And put me in the acknowledgements. *wink*)

Sleeping Beauty Gender Swap

Sleeping Beauty Gender Swap

So, a few months ago, I was bored and puttering around the internet (as I so often do), when I came across a few weird trends like faceswapping, when I stumbled upon some awesome gender-swapping in TV, movies, fandom, and cosplay.  I originally wanted to retell classic Disney movies, but entirely gender-swapped (including all characters, even sidekicks).  Logically, I wanted to start with a princess movie.  I wanted to make a point about how awesome a story about, say, Aurora going to save the man she loved would be, cutting through thorns and briars, fighting (and slaying) a dragon:

Aurora with a sword copy

This was an exceedingly fun idea to me as a writer, to take a familiar story and keep it pretty much the same.  But part of me was like “Yay, feminism! Boo misogyny!” and wanted to show just how ridiculous some of these princess stories are, and how bad they are for young girls especially.  [I do like that Disney et al have been making a point to make their female characters stronger.  Ex. Tiana in Princess in the Frog worked hard for her dreams, and the movie in general made the point that you can’t just wish upon a star (Thanks, Pinocchio) and wait for your prince to magically come to you.  Also, Frozen was more about sister power and the conflict was not because of revenge against a man, and Brave (yeah, yeah, Pixar, I know) had Merida defying the typical princess role with tomboy flair.]

Off topic.

So, anyway, when I first started gender swapping, I started with the iconic image of Aurora daydreaming about that beautiful prince she met “Once Upon a Dream.”  The result is below (Sorry for the low res.  This was just a test run for the concept.)

Phillip pining in the forest copy

I gave Phillip some pants rather than a dress, but I wanted to keep as much of the original picture as possible to emphasize which character it was intending to be (i.e. Phillip has Aurora’s blonde hair and her clothes, while Aurora above has Phillip’s sword, shield, and tunic….or whatever it’s called.  Tabard?)

But an interesting thing happened while I was photoshopping.  My laziness in trying to avoid doing any hand drawing as possible and using as much of the original as possible, I found out a few things.  I was woefully underestimating the severity of Disney’s portrayal of the characters, especially Aurora.  I mean, look at her waist.  It’s tiny.  And that’s not my poor photoshopping…it really is that tiny.  The outline for Aurora’s body for this pose was taken from the dancing scene in the woods, so that’s all Disney.  Take a look at the comparison between my ‘shop (left) and the original of Phillip (right):

Aurora with a sword - Side by side copy

I had to ‘shop a LOT of the background simply because so much of the body disappeared.  Same for the arms, which I had to slim down to fit her proportions.  (Can anyone say Barbie?)

Ugh.  Disney movies are one of my absolute favorite things to watch, but sometimes the little tiny proto-feminist that lives on my shoulder gets mad at me at times like this.  In any case, I hope to (if I ever find the time), do a gender swapped full-length Sleeping Beauty from high-res screen grabs.  I’ve got some hilarious ideas for the three fairies…

Bonus: Just for fun, here’s the side-by-side of Phillip’s pose:

Phillip pining in the forest - Side by side copy

FYI, I did not create that dopey grin of his.  That’s all Disney.