Pride and Family Guy

Yesterday, I had “Slumber, Dear Maid” stuck in my head (see here for the clip–skip to 5:15 for the song, 7:30 for the relevant bits for this post), so instead of watching the entire 6 hour miniseries of Pride and Prejudice, I came up with this:

Shut up, Mary

I think it’s probably some sort of cardinal sin to combine Family Guy and Pride and Prejudice, but I just had to. The more I think about it, Mary is definitely the Meg of the Bennett family.

I’m not sure if anyone who likes Family Guy cares about Pride and Prejudice and vice versa, so maybe this crossover is a lost cause. Let me know in the comments!

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Obligatory Copyright Notice: Family Guy and Peter Griffin images copyright of Fox and Seth MacFarlane. Pride and Prejudice image copyright BBC, original book by Jane Austen. This is a work of fan art. No copyright infringement is intended.


One thought on “Pride and Family Guy

  1. I love both, and love this meme 🙂

    I think we are few and far between, those that love Family Guy and Pride and Prejudice.

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