The Saga Continues Ad Infinitum

Okay, so here’s the summary of my chair saga for those not caught up.  (Although I’m not sure anyone is following this or even cares.  From an engineering point of view, I’m fascinated, but maybe that’s just me.  Whatever.  It’s my blog.  I can’t cartoon or Photoshop with my chair out of commission, so there we are.):

Attempt 1
Attempt 2
Attempt 3: Phase 1 & Phase 2

The twist-tie/glue solution is stable! Unfortuantely, there’s still some gap-iness between the pieces, but not much.  It’s enough that prolonged pressure will kill it, but that just means MORE TWIST TIES!!!! Last time, I twisted them horizontally around the thin side, mostly to hold the vertical rubber bands in place.  Plus, the pieces broke in just such a way that parts of BOTH pieces got snagged in the loops, which is what I wanted.  However, that’s at the bottom (or the outside, when the fold-out arm is closed).  Now, I just need to reinforce it for when it’s open.


It’s hard to see under the goop, but this time the twist-ties are going vertically around the pieces, just like the rubber bands did, plus I added in some figure eights where appropriate for more stability and to prevent slippage.  The ends of the twist-ties are twisted together, woven underneath some of the vertical stuff, and gooped substantially.

I’m fairly confident this will be the last major stage.  If I’m still concerned, I have some ideas about looping long twist ties around the little nubs (in black, near the screw) that will be under the covers that snap in the top, (hopefully) acting as a counter-weight, but that will have to wait until this set is dry.

If all goes well, all I have to do is 1) counterweight, 2) coloration (if possible.  I don’t know if Sharpie or other sorts of coloring will stay on top of the glue or if it will just clump into little sharpie droplets), 3) Final coating (to fill in the gaps for smoothing and sealing purposes) and 4) cleanup (that dandruff-looking stuff is all errant, dried goop, easily removable with some elbow grease).  Yikes.  Now that I’ve said it, that seems like waaaaay more than one final day of this.  Ug.


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