The Saga Continues Some More

Phase 2 of Attempt 3 in the Fix-My-Broken-Chair Saga continues. To catch up:

Attempt 1
Attempt 2
Attempt 3, Phase 1

The rubber bands held together reasonably well, but there was still some inner separation between the chair pieces themselves.  However, in anticipation of this, I moved on to Phase 2, which involves rubber band cross pieces for stability.  This was a failure, but at least I didn’t have to wait a day for it to dry to find that out.  The pieces just weren’t sticking and I couldn’t easily slip them underneath and around all sides for added stability.  So, since I’ve already successfully used twist-ties for this exact purpose, and the fact that the ties will be stronger anyway due to their metal core, that’s what I used.  Voila:



Because I couldn’t pre-goop the ties as I would normally do, I set down a layer of goop, looped the ties, then gooped the hell out of it for stability.  We’ll see what happens next time. Fingers crossed!


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