The Saga Continues

Okay, so here’s part three in my I-broke-my-chair-and-now-I’m-trying-to-fix-it saga.  To catch up:

Part 1
Part 2

So, second attempt failed, but not completely.  The glue held together on the outside, but not so much on the inside.  This means that there was a stretchy sheath around the pieces that mostly held it together, but it was weakening and probably wouldn’t have lasted long. Future attempts might involve me buying a different type of adhesive that isn’t quite so flexible, but my tube of adhesive is almost finished as it is, so when it’s gone that will definitely be my next step.

Here’s attempt number three, which will be in two parts.  Today, I’m laying the groundwork with vertical rubber band stripping that will (hopefully) be enough to pull the pieces together where the glue wasn’t strong enough.  Like so:


It’s hard to tell because the rubber bands and twist ties are both green, but there are two strips of rubber band going around both sides of the hinge-y part, and twist ties to hold them in place and give a little bit of pressure to help seal it.

Part two will begin when it’s cured, and there will be horizontal rubber bands going the other way.  Hopefully the multi-directional rubber band lattice will be enough to counter forces in all directions. At that point, if there are signs that it will hold permanently, the whole thing will get a nice black sharpie job to match and then another layer of sealant to prevent catching and peeling.

I’m growing less and less optimistic.  My plan for surrender will be to order a replacement arm from the company, no doubt at my expense because the instructions warned about putting too much pressure on it, which is precisely what I did. Right now, my escapades are costing me nothing, because I’ve been using only those tools I already had on hand.


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