I Am Not MacGyver

In my previous post, I detailed my plan to fix my broken desk chair with twist-ties, tape and some adhesive.  Unfortunately, my setup was a little too tight, and it basically squeeze out all the adhesive before it set, leaving just enough to make little spider-web-y tendrils between the pieces.  Fortunately, the stuff is easy to get off an I can do this as many times as necessary until it finally cures with enough adhesive to stay. I’m less optimistic with this attempt, and have concluded that I am definitely not MacGyver. Here’s the skinny:

Attempt 1: FAILURE


Attempt 2: In Progress

Closeup for inspection:
***Disclaimer: Cat toy not intended for scale reference.***

As you can see, we’ve got bubble wrap trying to hold the two pieces together in a forward/left-erly direction, with a nice coating of the adhesive around it to give it a bit of extra hold.

I’ll give you another update within the next day or two to announce whether it works or whether there will be a third post in my 165-part series on the repair of my chair. I’ve got a few more ideas before we resort to desperation tactics involving power tools.

(If this was made of wood, I’d be golden.  Metal plate, couple of screws, maybe some wood glue and we’re done. But noooo. It has to be plastic.)


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