Sorry for the long absence!

Hey, all.  Sorry for the long absence.  I wish I had some new content for you, but the reason I haven’t posted was a combination of Christmas break and being super busy with work and my personal projects.  So instead… STORY TIME!

I got an awesome present for Christmas: an attachment for my desk chair with a keyboard tray and built in mouse-pad. Sweet! Check it out:

***Note: NOT me. Lame stock picture of it found on Google.***

Unfortunately, yesterday I BROKE this fine piece of equipment by putting too much weight on it while standing up.  But lo! I have Gorilla Glue! I can glue it back together!  Unfortunately, I don’t have a vice clamp and the break is in such a place that it has to be glued back together on the chair itself or I won’t be able to get the foldable armrest/mouse pad back on.  (Also, I couldn’t get it off in the first place). It’s a very snug fit, so much so that even just to get the pieces to line up again, you have to put significant pressure on it from awkward angles. Some people might balk at this challenge, but not me.



Post-it notes for forward thrust, twist-ties for sideways/diagonal thrust, mechanical pencil for a tourniquet dealie, and Scotch tape to prevent slippage.


*mic drop*


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