Austin Wizard World Comic Con!!!!

Wow! Wizard World Comic Con in Austin was super fun! All the people I would have been really interested to see (Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Nichelle Nichols) all cancelled, so we mostly just looked at booths and people watched.  It was a pretty small convention in my mind, but it was my first so I still had fun.  Here are some of the sights:


Doctor Who:

Me as Female 10th Doctor

So here’s me in my female 10th Doctor costume (purposely done in a more Steampunk style, because that’s our group costume theme for Halloween.  My friend next to me is the only other one who wore a costume.  (Don’t worry.  Despite wearing a red shirt, he survived the day.) I had tons of people asking me for pictures, so I feel my costume was worth the two and a half weeks it took to sew it!


An awesome car sticker that I would have bought but it’s one of those…ya know…permanent ones.


I took a picture with pretty much every 10th Doctor I could find.  There were a LOT more of the 11th (and they were much more easy to find in bow ties and fezes).  Here’s one of the few, the proud, the Tennants.


These two were promoting a musical called “Stalking John Barrowman” that’s coming to Austin in January.  Definitely going to be seeing that… I love the little Adipose on her shoulder!


Are you my mummy?


Walking Dead (I think) meets Doctor Who.  I later saw a zombie 10th Doctor with them but it was later on after I had already taken the picture.


I fight a Cyberman.  I think this wins the prize for most authentic-looking Doctor Who-themed costume in my book.


This is an entire family I saw unloading while we were waiting in line to get in.  When I saw them again later I had to get a picture with them.  They had a TARDIS, an 11th Doctor, a Cyberman, the Impossible Astronaut, two Weeping Angels (one’s behind the other) and….mom? I don’t know if she was supposed to be anyone, but the clothes could have been Donna’s.  I don’t know, but I don’t care, because the family that cosplays together, stays together.


Other Awesome Stuff:


Lucius Malfoy.  I saw him earlier in the day but didn’t get the reference at first because I was far away.  Later when we crossed paths I saw the cane and just knew.  He was smiling until right up to when I took the picture and he gave the most perfect Malfoy expression.


A Splicer and a Little Sister from the Bioshock video game series.  If you look at the full-sized picture, you will see that the Splicer’s got bits of sprayed blood all over him.  Soooooooo well done!


Another Bioshock reference, this time Bioshock Infinite.  We’ve got Booker and Elizabeth.  Yes, his weapon actually spins like in the game.


Merida from Brave with a kick-ass bow.


Kaylee from Firefly.  Shiny! There was another Kaylee I saw but she didn’t have the parasol.


Bill Lumbergh from Office Space.  After people took pictures with him, he told them, “Yeaaaaaaah, I’m going to go ahead and have you come in tomorrow.”


Maleficent a la the Angelina Jolie version.  Real feathers!


I wanted a picture of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters but I also got a shot of this guy dressed as SuperTarget, a superhero of his own design (unless there’s a reference I’m missing.) He has an actual nametag from Target that has a label-maker sticky on top of it saying “Super” and a pricing gun.  He walked around yelling, “I’m here to save you….from high prices!”


This wins the award for most accurate non-Doctor-Who costume in my book: two serpent guards from Stargate SG-1  The female Jaffa actually had a zat gun autographed by most of the cast!


Zoidberg Jesus from Futurama.  Points for going as Zoidberg.  Bonus points for having it be a really good Zoidberg costume.  Bazillion million points for going as an obscure reference from the show.


Wolverine from X-Men, or (more appropriately), Logan.  Hugh Jackman would be proud.


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