Work in progress

Sorry.  No new content this weekend.  I’m working on something but my Game of Thrones board game party last night that went about 6 hours long (I played House Lannister and lost spectacularly)  + catsitting + tons of errands = no free time.  (Well, that’s not exactly true…I had an exorbitant amount of free time while catsitting, but my laptop doesn’t have the memory or processing speed to be able to handle Photoshop, so I spent the time playing the deck building game Ascension on my phone, which I only just downloaded Friday and am thus completely obsessed with and can’t put down.)

So instead, I’ll give you a never-done-before exclusive SNEAK PEAK of what I’m working on.  You’ll see why it’s not ready yet in about two seconds. (Also, you’d be amazed to know it took me about two and a half hours, though a lot of that was researching keyboard shortcuts to obscure functions to make my life easier, and the rest was awkwardly switching between menus before I got so sick of the effort that I looked up the keyboard shortcuts.) I’d love to hear your speculations on it! Just leave me a comment.

Work in progress

Also, just a note for those who aspire to draw/cartoon/Photoshop… As you can see, I don’t draw particularly well on my first go. There’s a lot of trimming and editing to make things clean and presentable.  You don’t have to be ‘born with it.’ Moderately inspiration speech over.

Update: Check out the finished version here!


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