Totally Awesome Things I Didn’t Make – Game of Thrones Edition

Just to let everyone know… I’ve got a crazy few weekends coming up (plus some other stuff that I really should be working on instead of spending hours in Photoshop), so there’s not going to be any of my own content for a couple weeks.  There will definitely still be a post every weekend as usual, but it will be the work of others, not me.  So, without further ado (well, there’s a little ado)…

Here’s another edition of Totally Awesome Things I Didn’t Make.  As the title suggests, I didn’t make any of these awesome things, and I’ve tried to credit where I can.  Also, since Game of Thrones is a touchy issue where it comes to spoilers, here’s a ginormous…



Do not read on if


you have any wish


of not being spoiled


in any way!!!


Now that that’s out of the way… Here we go!


Charts Only People Who Live In Westeros Will Understand:
Check out more of them in the link below!

Credit: (and for more charts) Buzzfeed (Citations given under images.  There’s way too many and I’m lazy.)


All of My Friends Are Dead:

Credit: Unknown.  Reposted from George Takei‘s Facebook page.


George R.R. Martin probably doesn’t get invited to weddings anymore, either.

Credit: Unknown.  Posted on I Heart Chaos


If you aren’t reading this comic, you totally should be.  There’s a rather epic subset of comics with an anthropomorphized brain, heart, gallbladder and other organs that’s just fantastic.

Credit: The Awkward Yeti


Daenerys at Starbucks:

Credit: Notkatniss on Tumblr.


Guess Who:
I really want to print this out and make one for myself.  (I actually still have Guess Who from when I was a kid).  Also, it’d be fun to have this on display while watching and just tick down people who end up dying.



Why Hodor Can’t Play Scrabble:

Credit: Unknown.  Reposted from George Takei‘s Facebook page.


House Stark:

Credit: Glockgal on Tumblr.


Other awesome stuff that I can’t repost but you should totally check out:

A glorious, amazing, fabulous auto-tuned Game of Thrones song.  Credit: Melodysheep. Reposted from Sploid.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Blooper Reel.  Credit: HBO.  Reposted on Tastefully Offensive.

The Science of Game of Thrones.  Credit: Joe Hanson and It’s Okay to Be Smart.


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