The Home Despot

Home Despot final copy

Another little doodle I spent way too much time on.  The image is based on a cursory google search for the Home Depot mascot, which research has shown that his name is Homer (ha ha.  Because Home Depot…) But based on the amount of touchup I had to do on the low res image, I basically reconstructed it from scratch with my own additions.  I’ve had the idea of the Home Despot ever since seeing the word despot and realizing it looked a lot like depot, especially if you gave it a fake French pronunciation.

Before you ask: Yes, I know Home Depot changed their slogan from “You can do it.  We can help.” to the less applicable “More savings.  More doing.” (which, in addition to being sentence fragments not requiring a period, it’s a little lazy.  It’s like saying, “Save money.  Build stuff.”)

All hail our benevolent overlord, President Homer!


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Obligatory copyright notice: Homer, the Home Depot and its slogans are registered trademarks of Home Depot.  This is a work of fan art.  No copyright infringement is intended.


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