Worf’s Hair

I finally finished my next comic.  Here it is!

Worf Hair Panel 1

In fact, most (if not all) Klingons on screen from Next Generation (even some of the movies) onward have curly hair.  One exception is B’Elanna Torres, who is only half Klingon.  Yet even she went through a season of Voyager with wavy hair (the sixth season, if memory serves).  Since one of her struggles has always been to be less Klingon, I imagine that this post and the conclusions I draw can also apply to her.

Worf Hair Panel 2

In the early seasons (and actually, the picture on the left is actually from one of the later seasons), Worf has short, usually straight hair.  It gets a bit more crimpy once he grows it out to ponytail length, but that’s mostly on DS9 and the movies.  For the show it’s pretty much straight.

Worf Hair Panel 3

Worf Hair Panel 4

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.  Worf straightens his hair.  I just imagine on those days when it’s just a little wavier than usual, it’s because he was woken up by a red alert and forced to just slap some relaxer on it on his way out the door.

The only other explanation is that Worf actually does have straight hair (for whatever reason) and he crimps it.  Or maybe he goes down to see Mr. Mott the ship’s barber and gets a perm.  Mr. Mott lets him take a look at it after he’s done and says, “What do you think?” and Worf says, “It’s is a warrior’s perm.”

Better yet, what if he decided to go one step farther and lose the Klingon brown and go for something in a blonde/redhead style? “Today is a good day to dye…my hair.”


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