Totally Awesome Things I Didn’t Make – Game of Thrones Edition

Just to let everyone know… I’ve got a crazy few weekends coming up (plus some other stuff that I really should be working on instead of spending hours in Photoshop), so there’s not going to be any of my own content for a couple weeks.  There will definitely still be a post every weekend as usual, but it will be the work of others, not me.  So, without further ado (well, there’s a little ado)…

Here’s another edition of Totally Awesome Things I Didn’t Make.  As the title suggests, I didn’t make any of these awesome things, and I’ve tried to credit where I can.  Also, since Game of Thrones is a touchy issue where it comes to spoilers, here’s a ginormous…



Do not read on if


you have any wish


of not being spoiled


in any way!!!


Now that that’s out of the way… Here we go!


Charts Only People Who Live In Westeros Will Understand:
Check out more of them in the link below!

Credit: (and for more charts) Buzzfeed (Citations given under images.  There’s way too many and I’m lazy.)


All of My Friends Are Dead:

Credit: Unknown.  Reposted from George Takei‘s Facebook page.


George R.R. Martin probably doesn’t get invited to weddings anymore, either.

Credit: Unknown.  Posted on I Heart Chaos


If you aren’t reading this comic, you totally should be.  There’s a rather epic subset of comics with an anthropomorphized brain, heart, gallbladder and other organs that’s just fantastic.

Credit: The Awkward Yeti


Daenerys at Starbucks:

Credit: Notkatniss on Tumblr.


Guess Who:
I really want to print this out and make one for myself.  (I actually still have Guess Who from when I was a kid).  Also, it’d be fun to have this on display while watching and just tick down people who end up dying.



Why Hodor Can’t Play Scrabble:

Credit: Unknown.  Reposted from George Takei‘s Facebook page.


House Stark:

Credit: Glockgal on Tumblr.


Other awesome stuff that I can’t repost but you should totally check out:

A glorious, amazing, fabulous auto-tuned Game of Thrones song.  Credit: Melodysheep. Reposted from Sploid.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Blooper Reel.  Credit: HBO.  Reposted on Tastefully Offensive.

The Science of Game of Thrones.  Credit: Joe Hanson and It’s Okay to Be Smart.


Jaime Lannister is a Dynamite Dancer

Jaime Lannister cartoon

I think of this every time I hear this song.  I’m reading the books (A Song of Ice and Fire) and I’m officially caught up with the Game of Thrones TV show.  Woot! I’m officially spoiler-proof! Take that, HBO!

On another note, this is my first piece of art with my new toy! I bought a drawing tablet for my computer.  Not sure if it’s actually faster than drawing with a mouse, but it has the illusion of being better, so I’m calling it a win.  Strangely enough, I had gotten so used to using a mouse that I was actually extremely good with it, so maybe it’s really a step back.  Whatever.  I’m keeping it.


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A Friend Like Him

Genie quotes

I started this Monday night, the instant I heard the news of Robin Williams’ death.  His was the first celebrity death that really hurt deep down.  Before this week, news of a celebrity’s passing was always surface-deep, a fleeting thought of “Oh, that’s sad.  I really liked him.” This was a gut punch.

If I had to pick a mascot of my childhood, it would be Robin Williams.  He lent his voice to two great cartoon roles that my quote-loving child brain latched onto (much to my family’s dismay): Batty from Ferngully and, of course, Genie from Aladdin.  It’s a tribute to Robin Williams’ genius that the main reason Genie in Return of Jafar falls flat is not because of Dan Castellaneta ‘s voice acting (which we know from the Simpsons is phenomenal, and he did a really good job in the Aladdin TV show) but because of all the madcap improvising Robin Williams did.  The constant fire of gags in Aladdin and the King of Thieves returned, in my opinion, at the same time Robin Williams did.

It’s more than just his animated work, however.  One of my all-time favorite movies was Hook, which took a story I rather disliked (and a Disney movie I merely tolerate) and turned it into an unbelievable classic.  I still quote that movie to this day, and it’s one of those movies I always suggest when we need something in the background when playing games and whatnot (it’s up there with Clue and Spaceballs.) In Robin Williams’ hands, Peter Pan became not just a self-absorbed punk kid but a real, vibrant, multifaceted character.

Robin did more movies over the years, but it’s those childhood movies of mine that really stuck with me.  Robin Williams is my happy thought.  And I will miss him.

A short note about the art… It was definitely intentional that “Oh, to be free” makes up the lamp.  I think there’s a certain poignant duality there that I liked, even though the letters didn’t lend themselves to be lamp-ified.  It was likewise intentional that the quote at the very center is “All joking aside, you really oughtta be yourself”, and that it is front and center and by far the biggest of the quotes font-wise. I think that’s something that a lot of comedians struggle with: self-image and depression.  It’s easy to hide behind a mask of humor and your heart to be breaking inside.  It’s the “tears of a clown” idea.  I can imagine a kid with such a wild, manic approach to life, constantly doing impressions and cracking jokes earned a lot of scolding in school and from family to settle down, to behave, to stop being so silly.  That kind of thing takes a toll on a kid, and it’s something that can stick with you for all of your life.  Speaking as someone with ADHD who loved being the center of attention as a kid, I can relate.  I even sang “Friend Like Me” in an oversized Genie T-shirt in a third grade talent show and was told by my teacher afterward that I should have planned out my routine better and that I was just too disorganized in my performance.  That really hurt.  I had memorized the entire song, word for word, and those lyrics aren’t exactly easy and they fly at a manic pace. It took me many years of trying to fit in, trying to be what I thought people wanted me to be until I realized that “you really oughtta be yourself.”


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Obligatory copyright notice: Aladdin, Genie and picture text are copyright Disney.  This is a work of fan art.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Snow White Gender Swap

Time for another Disney gender swap! This time: Snow White and Prince Charming!  In true full-swap fashion, I’ll be switching the genders of all characters in the story, so this ought to be interesting.

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom ruled by a vain and narcissistic king who used to spend every day getting fashion advice from his magic mirror.  He was jealous of his stepson, who was growing more and more handsome with each passing day, so the king dressed the young prince Snow White in rags and made him work in the castle.  Snow White had skin white as snow and lips red as the rose.  He looks something like this:


Prince charming gender swap copy


One day when cleaning, a princess, Princess Charming, came along and saw Snow White and fell instantly in love with the handsome lad.  She sings him a love song and looks something like this:


Snow white gender swap copy

Unfortunately, the king sees this interaction and sends his huntswoman with Snow White into the forest to kill him and bring back his heart.  Fortunately, the huntswoman has mercy on Snow White and warns him to flee into the forest and away from the king.  He comes across a bunch of kindly animal friends, which he also decides to sing to, because that’s what princes do apparently.  The animals take her to a small cottage in the forest that is home to a very messy sorority full of dwarfs.  [[It’s funny when the dwarfs are men that they’re dirty slobs who don’t know how to wash their hands or pick up after themselves, but would they still be portrayed the same way if the dwarfs were women? Though there has been a recent trend in recent years to make the Disney princesses less perfect and more “real”, showing them with messy hair and snoring and things like that, I don’t think Disney would be okay with showing seven female dwarfs who are total slobs.  Even though there are a lot of girls who are messy, myself included.]]

Anyway, the young prince decides he can’t deal with the mess and starts going crazy cleaning the home of seven total strangers.  It’s the weirdest home invasion story ever reported on.  Meanwhile, the seven dwarfs, who spend their days working in a diamond mine, come home from double shifts to find a strange man in their house.  Instead of calling local law enforcement about the break-in, the women decide they have safety in numbers and approach the stranger asleep in their beds.  They decide to hire him as a live-in cook and maid.

Meanwhile, the king finds out that Snow White is still alive and turns himself into an old geezer in order to kill Snow White.  It’s not like he has a kingdom to run or anything… [[Seriously, I hope the queen has minions working on the day-to-day ruling, because she spends an awful lot of time obsessing over looks and about killing Snow White.  We don’t actually see her do anything queen-like in the movie.  Granted, you really don’t see that in most Disney movies, either, except for arranging marriages every so often.]]

After a night of partying (because that’s what a sorority girls do, right?) Snow White opens up about his princess.  He dreams that one day she’ll come and rescue him from his situation.  The next day when the dwarfs leave for work, they warn him not to let anyone into the house.  However, he decides that he knows best and lets in an old man selling apples.  The animals see this and run to fetch the dwarfs to help, but they come too late.  Snow White has eaten the apple and has fallen into an eternal sleep.

The dwarf girls chase a random old man [[Seriously, they don’t know it’s actually the queen, or that Snow White has been cursed.  They just had animals freaking out, trying to tell them to go back home, and then find an old lady standing there and chase her down.  Maybe the old lady was walking by and heard the screams as the queen was attacking Snow White, and they just chased her down like an animal.  Weird.]].  The king gets his comeuppance as he tries to commit mass murder by squashing them with a boulder as an improbable bolt of lightning cracks the rock beneath his feet and sends the king plunging to his death.

Feeling that he’s just too much of a hunk to bury, they put Snow White into a glass coffin so that everyone might ogle him.  The princess, who we haven’t seen since those first twenty seconds of the movie, returns to give her love one last kiss.  The kiss wakes him up, and Princess Charming promptly picks him up, puts him on her horse and takes him away before they even have a conversation about the fact that he is surrounded by dwarf women in a glass coffin.

The end.


Bonus: Before and after pics!

Prince charming gender swap side by side copy

Snow white gender swap side by side copy

Artist’s notes: I tried to make Snow White’s iconic outfit into a doublet and pants for the prince version.  Leaving them as-is made him look too girly.  Well, so does the doublet with puffy sleeves, but that was a legitimate style back in Shakespeare’s time.  FYI, yellow is not a good color for pants. I picked the reclining pose mostly so you can see that he’s wearing pants, but also just to emphasize just how ridiculous it is.  You might have noticed that most of my gender swaps have the girl-turned-guy in this position.  Well, it might not happen as often if Disney didn’t keep insisting on putting women in this pose.  I am a woman, and the only time I’ve ever been in this pose is when doing yoga.  It’s just not very comfortable.  We don’t do our dreaming in cobra pose.  We can do it sitting just as well.

As for Snow White as the prince, I rather like her outfit.  It’s still got the tunic in front, which I decided to keep because it looked really good with the belt and knife combination.  The sleeves are not as puffy to give the illusion that her arms aren’t as beefy as the prince’s.


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Obligatory Copyright Notice: All characters and original images are owned by Disney.  The alterations are mine.  This is a work of fan art.  No copyright infringement is intended.

The Home Despot

Home Despot final copy

Another little doodle I spent way too much time on.  The image is based on a cursory google search for the Home Depot mascot, which research has shown that his name is Homer (ha ha.  Because Home Depot…) But based on the amount of touchup I had to do on the low res image, I basically reconstructed it from scratch with my own additions.  I’ve had the idea of the Home Despot ever since seeing the word despot and realizing it looked a lot like depot, especially if you gave it a fake French pronunciation.

Before you ask: Yes, I know Home Depot changed their slogan from “You can do it.  We can help.” to the less applicable “More savings.  More doing.” (which, in addition to being sentence fragments not requiring a period, it’s a little lazy.  It’s like saying, “Save money.  Build stuff.”)

All hail our benevolent overlord, President Homer!


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Obligatory copyright notice: Homer, the Home Depot and its slogans are registered trademarks of Home Depot.  This is a work of fan art.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Worf’s Hair

I finally finished my next comic.  Here it is!

Worf Hair Panel 1

In fact, most (if not all) Klingons on screen from Next Generation (even some of the movies) onward have curly hair.  One exception is B’Elanna Torres, who is only half Klingon.  Yet even she went through a season of Voyager with wavy hair (the sixth season, if memory serves).  Since one of her struggles has always been to be less Klingon, I imagine that this post and the conclusions I draw can also apply to her.

Worf Hair Panel 2

In the early seasons (and actually, the picture on the left is actually from one of the later seasons), Worf has short, usually straight hair.  It gets a bit more crimpy once he grows it out to ponytail length, but that’s mostly on DS9 and the movies.  For the show it’s pretty much straight.

Worf Hair Panel 3

Worf Hair Panel 4

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.  Worf straightens his hair.  I just imagine on those days when it’s just a little wavier than usual, it’s because he was woken up by a red alert and forced to just slap some relaxer on it on his way out the door.

The only other explanation is that Worf actually does have straight hair (for whatever reason) and he crimps it.  Or maybe he goes down to see Mr. Mott the ship’s barber and gets a perm.  Mr. Mott lets him take a look at it after he’s done and says, “What do you think?” and Worf says, “It’s is a warrior’s perm.”

Better yet, what if he decided to go one step farther and lose the Klingon brown and go for something in a blonde/redhead style? “Today is a good day to dye…my hair.”


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