Minimalist Disney – Snow White

So, it’s definitely been done before, but I wanted to do some minimalist designs.  I’ve started with Disney because minimalism is at its most awesome when it’s with something iconic, and Disney knows how to do iconic.  As proof of concept to myself before moving on to other minimalist things, I decided to start with Snow White.  Snow White herself is probably the most iconic of the Disney princesses, mainly because she was the first and…come on, that dress.  Add Dopey and Doc to the mix and you’ve got a pretty iconic group.  More to come after this.  It was super fun and didn’t take half as much time as a gender swap, so I might be able to chug one of these out more often than just once a week. (I’m thinking some Star Trek after this.)

Snow White Minimalist copy

[Click for larger view]

I had considered using the facial feature that best described each of the dwarfs for clarity rather than naming them–Doc is obviously the glasses and Dopey is the ears, which I kept in–but I considered doing some sort of scowl for Grumpy and round cheeks for Happy and red cheeks for Bashful, etc.  Unfortunately, it kind of spoils the minimalist look by adding too much detail.  I’m even at odds with myself for putting belts and buttons on some.

Also, yes, these shapes are based off of the international symbols for restrooms, with some tweaks (including necks, a longer dress for Snow White and some pudge for Doc and Happy.) You might also notice some color recursion.  No doubt this was intentional by Disney, either to 1) make their lives easier, 2) save money by not having to buy so many different color inks for their animation cels or 3) to create a definitive color scheme and pallet to work its way through the movie as a kind of way to make the dwarfs distinct, yet keep them cohesive.  Take your pick.

You may also be wondering about my opinion on the dwarfs vs. dwarves argument.  Growing up as a fantasy nerd, I prefer the Tollkien-esque “dwarves” but for this post I’m going for the Disney “dwarfs,” which is technically the acceptable spelling but not an acceptable way to refer to little people outside of the fantasy genre (yes, I include Game of Thrones in fantasy despite it being super popular among the…I call them “normies.”  Though it would be interesting if people started calling the story Snow White and the Seven Imps.)

Don’t believe me about the Disney spelling? Check it out:



Obligatory copyright notice: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, plus its characters and designs, are copyright of Disney.  My work is a creation of fan art.  No copyright infringement is intended.


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