Disney What-ifs: Young Triton

So, what does Triton look like under all of that beard and hair? What did he look like before he went gray? Turns out, he looks like a trucker, or maybe a pro wrestler.

Young Triton copy

I decided to give him sort of red-brown hair, reminiscent of Ariel but not flat-out red.  I kept the mustache purely because I didn’t want to have to figure out what his top lip should look like, but I shrank it a bit so it wasn’t so ginormous. He got a haircut, too, plus less of a receding hairline.  I even shrank his muscles a bit, mostly in the shoulder area, which seems counter-intuitive considering a younger Triton should be in the prime of his life.  However, a great majority of his size is just making him look normal with all of that beard.  Once the beard is gone, his head is way too small for his body.

Bonus: Before and after pictures for comparison

Young Triton before and after copy


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Obligatory Copyright Notice: Original images and characters are copyrights of Disney.  Screencaps provided by disneyscreencaps.com.  Photoshopping was done by me as a work of fan art.  No copyright infringement is intended.


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