Disney Heroine Body Swap – Part 2

I’ve got some more Disney heroine body swaps.  The premise: a bunch of Disney characters have a girls’ night and decide to trade clothes.  As before, I’ve grouped them by similar personalities, since they’d be likely to be friends.


The Quiet Ones:
Esmeralda & Pocahontas

Esmeralda on cliff copy Pocahontas dancing copy

Pocahontas and Esmeralda both have quiet temperaments but they still fight for what they believe in.  In addition, they both fall in love with a blonde hunk in shining armor, have mischievous, non-speaking animal sidekicks, prefer the outdoors to living within walls, and stand up to authority figures intent on humiliating and/or killing their friends and loved ones.


The Changelings:
Mulan & Ariel

Mulan in carriage copy Ariel on horse

This one’s a bit of a stretch.  The main thing that links Ariel and Mulan is the fact that they are both trying to be something they’re not–Mulan, a man, and Ariel, a human.  There’s also the fact that in both of my pictures have them handling horses, but that’s really secondary to their personalities.  Ariel and Mulan are actually vastly different in their approaches to family responsibility.  Mulan takes her father’s place to save his life without sacrificing her family’s honor while Ariel flat out disobeys her father at every possible turn.  Still, they’re both pretty spunky, so I’m sure they’d get along.


The Tempestuous:
Jasmine & Megara

Jasmine in villa copy Megara in palace copy


One thing’s for sure: Jasmine and Megara will always tell you what they’re feeling, although Meg channels her feelings into healthy sarcasm while Jasmine will just rant and storm out of a room.  They are also both locked into very unfortunate bargains.  Jasmine is being forced into marriage to a prince while Meg is forced to do Hades’ bidding.  They’re also unhealthily skny, as these images show you.

Anyway, those are all the heroines, at least the ones I care about.  Maybe next time I’ll do some prince body swaps.  We’ll see…


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