Happy Easter!

Anyone who actually follows my blog regularly might notice an absence of posts this weekend (which is when I don’t work and thus have a chance to do something creative).  Of course, it being Easter weekend, I was visiting my family and have been out of town and away from a computer installed with Photoshop and thus have done absolutely nothing.  (Nothing being a relative term, considering I celebrated an early birthday, tried oysters for the first time and ate four kinds of deserts and ate about a pound of Easter candy).  Fortunately, I’ve got a light work schedule tomorrow and Tuesday and should be posting something soon.  I’m going to try to post something in the next few days, so sit tight!  In the mean time, here’s something from the recently unexplored depths of my hard drive, a t-shirt I designed for a Derby on Shirt Woot many moons ago but never submitted because I was lazy and nervous.


Bonus points for getting the reference without googling it.


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