Disney Heroine Body Swap – Part One

Here’s a variation on a common post of mine.  Instead of gender-swapping characters from the same movie, I’m going to clothes swap characters from different movies.  But instead of swapping them by body type or any other physical characteristics, I decided to group them by personalities.  This method has the added benefit of adding another layer to this experiment.  You can imagine that the pairs are friends because they share similar histories, talents, personalities, whatever.  So that would mean that the two characters doing the clothes swapping can be thought of as friends, that they one day while hanging out together decided to try on each others’ clothes.  Here are the results.


The Sleepers:
Snow White & Aurora

Sleeping Beauty Body copy Snow White Body copy

Not only are Snow White and Aurora the two princesses who are famously cursed asleep, they both command the attentions and obedience of woodland animals and are in hiding from evil witches.


The Bookworms:
Belle & Jane

Belle in Jungle copy Jane in town copy

Both Jane from Tarzan and Belle from Beauty and the Beast share a love of books and learning, and have brown hair and equally iconic yellow dresses.  Besides, they both love a man who acts like a wild animal.


The Hard Workers:
Cinderella & Tiana

Cinderella with broom copy Tiana with broom copy

They’re daydreamers, but they work hard for what they want (and do an awful lot of dancing with brooms).  FYI, Tiana’s rocking Cinderella’s outfit but goldenrod is definitely not Cinderella’s color…


The Girl Explorers:
Alice & Wendy

Alice on ship copy Wendy in Wonderland copy

Alice and Wendy both travel to strange, new worlds with similar names (Wonderland and Neverland, respectively), but that’s n0t the only thing that’s similar about them.  In addition to being voiced by the same actress, they even look alike!

Look forward to more Disney heroine clothes swaps in the future!  For now, check out some of my other swaps:

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Obligatory copyright notice: The characters and images above are copyright of Disney.  The altered images are mine.


One thought on “Disney Heroine Body Swap – Part One

  1. I really love the Alice/Wendy mashup. I actually would love to see more Alice in Neverland photoshop jobs, as well as maybe an Alice/Sword in the Stone mashup.

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