Totally Awesome Things I Didn’t Make – Lord of the Rings Edition

So, thus far, my blog has really only been my own creations.  I really want to show you some things I think are totally awesome, but I want to preface it by saying I DID NOT MAKE ANY OF THESE.  I’ve decided that, in order to differentiate my own work from other people’s (besides the watermark I put on my stuff), I’m going to lump them all together by topic so that it’ll be an awesome little digest of something awesome that I love.  I’ve tried to credit the original authors if possible, or at least the site where I got the images from.  I’m sorry if I don’t credit someone correctly, because the internet is a scary place full of people stealing other people’s creative property and not giving credit, so if I’m actually citing someone who ripped off your work, I’m very, very sorry.  Now here we go!

Adorable Bilbo and young Frodo:
It even looks like Martin Freeman!

Credit: The Art of Lottie

Valentine’s Day in Middle Earth (Sheldon):
Sheldon’s a fantastic comic.  You should totally read it if you’re even the slightest bit nerdy.

The Entwives are gone!

Credit: Sheldon Comics

The Meaning of Haste:

Show us the meaning of haste, bitches!


The cool kids' bike

Credit: Anna Early, I Drew You a Picture

LotR/Monsters Inc. Mashup:
Can you avoid singing this in your head? The answer is probably no.

Credit: earendills


Second Christmas:

Credit: Unknown.  Linked to from George Takei‘s Facebook page.


Other funny things that have too many pictures for me to repost because I’m lazy:

Martin Freeman is an angry Hobbit:

Sauron freaking out:

Thanks to the people whose hard work went into making me smile!


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