Little Mermaid Comics

I’m in the process of Photoshopping my next gender swap (guess which Disney movie…) and I thought up a few ideas for comics.  Since speech bubbles take a millions times less effort and time than a full gender swap, here they are to tide you over!

(Click images for full-size)

Tour of the Kingdom:

Ariel Talking Nonstop - Full Comic

This is Eric’s fate for the first several years of their marriage.  First, he’s got to unteach all of the bad habits Scuttle taught her when it comes to human objects.  Then he’s going to have to explain the entire history of mankind, including all technological and scientific advancements, culture and customs…just about everything.


Triton’s Bargain:

Triton Comic

Seriously, Triton.  Stop showing off.


After the wedding:

Boat comic

Why teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to marry the first person they get a crush on.

Screen grabs courtesy of Images, names and characters owned by Disney.  Text and photoshopping by me.


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