The Many Deaths of Neville Longbottom – Episode 4

End of Year 3

This one sparks an interesting debate within me.  The thought is that, if Neville had been the Chosen One rather than Harry, Sirius would not have been Secret Keeper, he wouldn’t have switched with Peter Pettigrew at the last minute, Pettigrew wouldn’t have faked his own death when Voldemort fell, and Sirius wouldn’t have gone to Azkaban, broken out and caused Dementors to be placed at Hogwarts.  Hence, Neville’s third year at Hogwarts would have been uneventful.  Perhaps Lupin might have stayed past one year (I never liked the idea of the position of DADA teacher actually being cursed as it was established in Half-Blood Prince. I just liked the running gag aspect.)

I am a little regretful that I put Scabbers in the comic, as the above explanation explains why he probably wouldn’t have been a rat.  However, upon consideration, it is possible that he would have still hidden from Voldemort and the Death Eaters as a rat.  After all, he had already been spying for Voldemort for a year before the Potters’ deaths, which meant he would have changed sides anyway.  In my alternate universe, even if Pettigrew hadn’t been the one to rat out (pardon the pun) the Longbottoms, he would have had to go on the run after Voldemort’s first downfall.  So, maybe he would have been Ron’s pet after all, and hung around, possibly indefinitely.

Stay tuned for more!

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