Bad Ideas to Take Away from Les Misérables

So, I was thinking about Les Misérables, one of my all-time favorite musicals and books, recently adapted to movie-musical format.  (Yes, it has been adapted as a non-musical movie before.  I own the Liam Neeson version and love that one, too, despite some glaring oversights.  But nothing tops the musical.)  Here are the top five worst lessons to learn from it:

1) Break parole.  Your life will be infinitely better.  You could even become mayor!

From this to this

2) Steal from old people.  They may even give you more stuff!

Thief in the night

(Though you might have to convert.)

I have bought your soul copy

3) Do everything you can to die in your unrequited love’s arms.  Then they’ll have to at least pretend to have feelings for you or seem like a total jerk.  Then, die happy.

A little fall of rain copy

4) Don’t fight for any cause.  You’ll just end up losing.

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables copy

5) All of your enemies will eventually just kill themselves.  Then you’ll be in the clear.

Javert's Suicide



6) Whatever you’re supposed to learn from them:

Thenardiers wedding


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