Rapunzel Gender Swap

Felt like posting my other Disney gender swap test that I did with Flynn and Rapunzel from Tangled.  Not as happy with the quality on this one.  It was just a concept test, so I didn’t bother trying to find an angry Flynn face to match Rapunzel’s original one (instead of the smolder).  I decided to keep the female-ified Flynn with Rapunzel’s long hair because the swap wouldn’t have made sense otherwise.  Thus, to differentiate, I used Rapunzel’s hair from the end of the movie, which is brown like Flynn’s, so it works.  The Photoshopping was a lot harder on this one because of the CGI.  (It’s so much easier to alter things original drawn/painted on animation cells instead of the infinite detail of computer animation).


Gave the new Rapunzel a little cleavage, took away Flynn’s.  Gave Flynn a few more muscles, made Rapunzel a little less broad-shouldered… I tried to make Flynn’s facial hair more blonde but I just gave up in the end.  (This was only supposed to be a concept test, after all).  But I ended up having the same problem as I did for Aurora.  Rapunzel is tiny, not just her waist but her entire body.  Anyone who’s good with Photoshop can take one look at the bodice and see that it’s just a texture mess from all the cloning I did.  Anyway.  This is why I posted the Sleeping Beauty one first.  Hopefully more to come.

Bonus: Side-by-side comparison.

Tangled copy

Update: I know some of you are looking at this and planning some sort of gender swapped Disney bondage.  Please don’t tell me about it.  But isn’t it interesting that, with that thought in mind, the two different poses (Rapunzel or Flynn being tied up) elicits two completely different reactions? Someone write a thesis about it.  (And put me in the acknowledgements. *wink*)


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